The Big Move


For the past five and a half months, this blog has been comatose. That's because I've moved to New York City to pursue a master's program in arts and culture journalism at Columbia University (yay!). My life these days is being ruled by dense academic readings on art, theory, post-modernism, anthropology and a lot of other geeky stuff that's associated with a rigorous grad school program in the arts. Which means no time to for any blogging.

The upside is that I've also taken up a digital skills class where I will learn the intricacies of Wordpress and how to blog on that platform. Once I get the basics in order, I'll be moving this blog to that platform and, hopefully, start blogging on Wordpress with a some alacrity. Till then, the blogspot site will remain dormant (save for the occasional rant/post)

For the time being, though, pop over to my twitter feed and browse the archives for light reading